zondag 26 september 2010

I think i'll start designing again?

There are other names on it. But they are my old sigs about half a year ago. Tell me what you think!

Hello Guys!

First off i shall introduce myself.
My name is Teun Barten and i'm from the netherlands. Some ppl may have Amsterdam in their heads right now, but i'm gonna live there untill next year. But i'm fine with one coffeeshop in town. (:

At this moment i follow a traineeship in Majorca, Spain. It's my first month and i still like it here ( 5 months to go). Maybe some ppl heard about a little business with my roommate Teemu (http://megaviljami.blogspot.com/). We almost have enough to start making some money. But we will take it easy. He is leaving on next friday so we'll finish things up. 

Working in spain is sometimes a pain in the ass... Now i have to work 7 days straight, one day off and then again 7 days straight. But i found a solution to this problem. I'm working with a 50 yeard old guy who has ( No Jokin ) a nice green plant in his backyard. And im gettin a package for free... So every evening a nice one:)

Now i'm at the burger king chilling with my roommate Teemu. And updating our blogs.

Speak Y'All!